Whats that...?
GetX is Get Experience for Your Brand.

Now, why would your business need that? So, how long you want to keep investing just on marketing to get clients? Marketing is getting expensive by every passing day because the competition is on the rise.

Now, consider you start building user experience around your business, you can make your customers your brand ambassadors who will eventually bring you more new customers, and gradually your brands' user experience will turn to the brand experience which will not only bring you new clients but also mitigate competition.


should we exists?
Digital marketing is the future of effective marketing. However, does every business has the same need, budget, clients for digital? The answer is a big NO and that is exactly why GetX should exist.

At GetX, we have customized digital solutions for almost every need & scope. So, if we are serving a Do- It-Yourself customer, on one hand, we also serve medium-sized businesses on the other. This is the kind of richness we have in our offerings.


but what's different?
this is a great question.

There is a saying,'Wise people don't do different things, they do things differently', & what makes them do things differently is their approach towards doing things.

Here in GetX, we always approach to solve problems, no matter what it is or how it has arrived and that is what makes us think Out-Of- Box most of the time. We keep end-clients' psychology in centre while crafting our marketing strategies for our customers.


keeps us running?
Our passion & values.

We are a group of passionate people who love to ideate new marketing strategy & hitting it online and read the behavior of the targetted users.

On the other hand, our values keep us bound with our culture & what we stand for.

Our values are:

  • Integrity: right side of the business
  • Respect: Respect all no matter what
  • Innovation: Innovation is in our DNA
  • Simplicity: Touch the skies but be grounded


we are working for?
Our Mission

- Creating value for money digital solution for MSME to build brand experience for robust business growth