Difference between social media management & social media marketing



Anshuman started his garment-business in his late 20s and thought of promoting his brand through social media. Well, for a guy of his age, handling Facebook and Instagram account is an easy-to-do-task. With 500 friends on Facebook and 200 followers on Instagram, he thought it would be easy for him to crack the social media code. So, he created his company account on different popular social media platforms. And then, came the elephant in the room- figuring out the difference between social media marketing and social media management.

This is an ever going issue every novice faces while handling social media accounts for the business. So, let’s talk about the differences and ways to keep a balance between both.


The differences-

Social media management is keeping your existing clients engaged & interested in your business by sharing new product updates, product images, achievements, new offers etc. This is an affordable and user-friendly way to be in touch with your existing clients & maintaining a brand loyalty & reputation.

On the other hand, Social media marketing focuses on taking your brands’ products or services to new set of potential customers by the means of paid ads or native ads. Through social media marketing, one can aim to generate new business leads for his business or create brand awareness. You should always remember that your followers always require a “hook” to pay attention to what you are telling them.


For example, Anshuman will be investing in paid marketing on social media to promote any upcoming or ongoing sale. On the other hand, he will be posting content related to clothing or styling and communicating with the followers on a regular basis. The first one is social media marketing while the second one falls under social media management.

How to find the perfect balance-

Well, as you know a big difference now, you may feel a bit daunted to plan your way. But hey, there’s always a way to cope between social media marketing and social media management and creating the perfect sync. You can easily utilize both at the same time to drive your brand campaign, sell something and become the next hot topic among your fans.

For example, British Airways released a campaign titled “Fuelled by Love” in 2016. The campaign showcased a real-life example of a British Airways cabin crew and its heart toughing portrayal stirred nostalgic emotion among everyone. Along with this campaign, the airline company announced a special offer for its customers from India to London. The campaign had gone viral and touched many lives.

So, know your target audience the best- what they want and what exactly they are looking for. Then deliver the right things at all the right places- – the rest will be up to them.


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