Do you know about Facebook ‘hidden’ like button?

Unless you have an enormous advertising budget, paying  to increase the post reach is not as valued as it was a few years ago. However, likes make you appear popular and gives you a small bit of organic reach.

Invite Button (the hidden gem)

This is not the Invite friends to like this page button, but it opens you up to the audience beyond who have already liked your page.

Go to your Facebook Page or app. Click on the audience who have engaged with your post. There will be three types of buttons:

  • Invite – You can click and invite the person to like your page.
  • Liked – These people have liked your page already.
  • Invited – These people have got an invitation, but haven’t accepted.



You can send only 500 to 1000 invitations per day. Also, it doesn’t appear sometimes. In these two situations, you should check back after a day or two. The conversion rate is 1 in 5 people.

If you run a paid campaign to increase the post reach, you may end up getting likes from people who do not have any interest in your product. But with this engagement-based likes, you will get people who like your brand for real. You can interest them toward your brand and turn them to customers.

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