5 Instagram accounts every small business owner must follow

Looking for innovative inspiration to take your business to the next level?

It’s time to stop dragging your feet and groaning it’s not my cup of tea.

It’s so easy to get drawn into procrastination when your Instagram feed is bunged up with selfies and dogs wearing tiny sweaters—very cute, but not very inspiring.

Here’s an easy hack.

Fill your Instagram timeline with creativity from successful businesses instead! After all, the content you consume everyday makes a massive difference to the way you deal with things in your own life.

To help you out, we have curated a list of 5 Instagram accounts every entrepreneur should follow.

These are people we, at GetX are inspired by.

They share their knowledge on Instagram and motivate you to kick start your own business growth.

  1. Everette Taylor


He is the CEO of ET Enterprises, the umbrella company of Millisense, Popsocial, Growth Hackers etc. He has been named one of Forbes 30 under 30.

He uses his Instagram handle to promote his products and companies organically as well as he earns money as an influencer for brands.

Why should you follow him: Everette Taylor is a strong exponent of millennials, women and people of colour making their own achievement. He does not fit himself into the traditional concept. His Instagram Account is full of screenshots of articles featuring him. By following him is you can easily read his latest interviews and see what he’s capable of. You can also see where he will be next speaking.

  1. Startup Creative


This is a magazine which features entrepreneurs from all around the world. This is founded by Kaylene Langford. It pushes you to create your own achievement. This shows freelancers and businesspersons in a fresh, realistic way that points out how they became successful. You’ll find inspiring quotations and spotlights on entrepreneurs from around the world. You will feel that your potential is endless.

Why should you follow them: You will get business development advice. The account provides advice in the forms of podcasts, blogs, and online courses and poetry. It focuses on helping small businesspersons to be themselves successful by knowing themselves better. Entrepreneurs can take up their courses or official ebook at their leisure. Those on a budget can take advantage of free resources and its business plan template.

  1. Amber Lilyestrom


She is a brand strategist, a podcaster, an author and a business coach. She is the creator of the Ignite Your Soul Summit.

She is all about empowering women to promote and build successful companies, and you can sense her passion for building others up emanate from her photos. Established between photos of her personal adoring life with her people, you’ll find inspiring quotes that express to her idea on life and winning chat starters for her community.

Her social media strategy is Consistency. According to her, it can be stress-free to put on to sell the story of a perfect business—but that’s not what people desire. People desire and your followers want to see 100% authentically.

Why should you follow her: You will get the most inspiring and motivating posts and pictures along with great social media strategies.

  1. Natalie Franke


She is the founder of the Rising Tide Society which builds strong businesses through association, rather than opposition. Earlier she was a wedding photographer. She is a brain tumour survivor as well.

Her Rising Tide Society is a worldwide network that brings innovative entrepreneurs together through monthly meetups. Rising Tide Society has experienced exponential growth to 100K members in a year and a half

You’ll see pastel colour scapes in soft lighting along with unusual script-style fonts. You will see nominal illustrations connected to conversations with followers about brands.

Why should you follow her: You can see her latest campaign and movement. You can get great inspiration for creative design. You will get the opportunity to think outside of the box and become who we are called to be.

  1. Instagram for Business


The most important among all Instagram accounts every entrepreneur should follow is Instagram Stories for businesses. This is about a group of people who work for marketing opportunities for companies on Instagram. This is the place you will see stories and articles featuring entrepreneurs who are changing their businesses in a fun and highly visual ways.

Why you should follow them: Because they know it all! You will get in-depth looks at the inventive companies they feature. You can expect tips on how you can use Instagram for Business to connect with your audiences more efficiently. You’ll find tangible, strategic advice for using Instagram for Business. Numerous the content here is from a project by Facebook to showcase different Instagram creators.


I hope these Instagram accounts inspire you to take your own IG page to the next level.

Just like it inspired us.

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