7 Tips to Make Your Instagram Stories ‘Magnetic’

Hey! Do you know that Instagram stories can make your brand go viral?

So, here’s the main question – Are you using your Instagram stories section wisely?

If not then you are making a huge mistake. So, without wasting a single second, let’s have a look at the best of Instagram content strategy which is perfect for you to start your Instagram stories journey.

Have a look and let’s make the best use of Instagram stories to build audience to promote your business.

Go “Live” on Instagram

This is great for instant engagement boost. It’s also an excellent forum for encouraging tons of questions and comments. Going live generates a notification to your followers who are using the app at that point, so it’s best to go live when most of your audience is online.


Product Stickers

If you want to get more sales straight from your Instagram Stories, “Product stickers” are great. The sticker lets you tag particular products in stories, just like regular Instagram shopping posts, no matter how many followers you have, this is a great way to generate sales.


Add Hashtags and Tags

When you want to increase your reach organically on Instagram, you can swear by hashtags, tagging people and location tags. And Instagram Stories have got their own committed space at the top of a hashtag, tagging people or location search result. So if you’re not still using them to your stories, the time to start is now. This can help you increase views intensely. You can add 10 hashtags or more to each Instagram story, including 1 clickable hashtag sticker. And if you’re worried about aesthetic, fear not! There are a few hashtag hacks to seamlessly fit in with your post.


Post Consistently

Being regular and consistent may sound basic but they are hands down one of the best ways to do it! As with each fresh story, you’ll be sprung to the top of your followers’ stories — creating a positive impression for your content exposure.



You can post great content or offer in the stories and encourage your stories viewers to click your link in bio. You can prompt your viewers to head to your link in bio from your stories, or use a fun GIF. If you can unlock the “swipe up” link, you can use the swipe up option and put the link directly in the story.


Create Highly Shareable Branded Content

Creating shareable, visual content for your Instagram Stories can do wonders to boost Instagram stories for business. Regularly sharing templates on Instagram Stories that can be screenshotted is a great way to go viral.


Countdown Stickers

It is an amazing tool for building excitement around an upcoming product release, offer announcement or online sales event. This sticker is used to build anticipation about give away or event, creating a pool of enthusiastic customers before it starts. Make this sticker even more active by cheering followers to set a reminder for when the event begins.

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