Safety Measures the Indian Beauty Industry Is Following To Combat the Covid19 Crisis

Finally, it’s over!

The days of DIY haircut and painfully tweezing eyebrows are finally over.

People have understood how miserably they fail at the art of self-grooming..

So, now that beauty parlours are permitted to open their gates, they will come flocking.

But are you following all the safety rituals right?


If you are not sure, spare 2 minutes and read on.


  1. Asking customers to call before they show up

Gone are the days of allowing your customers barging in your parlour for the last minute-fix. As a mandatory stay safe rule, it is advised to ask the customers to make an appointment. This will ensure that your parlour has the space to accommodate the social distancing norms.

The sad thing about this is, a lot of beauty parlours are losing out on customers because they don’t know how to book an appointment. Parlour owners cannot reach out to them voluntarily because they don’t know where to find them.

How do you fix this problem?

Here are 2 simple things you can try.

  • If you have mobile numbers of your customers, use WhatsApp for Business to reach out to them. You could send them regular updates about the safety measures you are taking at the parlour. You can also let them know how to book appointments. This is also a great time to share offers and discounts to attract more people.
  • Use Facebook advertising to find and reach new people. Run a locally targeted ad. Let people in your locality know that you’re open. Also let them know how to book appointments.


  1. Mandatory Temperature check at the entrance

Another way to ensure everyone’s safety is to log in the temperature before anyone enters the salon. This is applicable for the staffs as well as the customers. Along with that, you need to provide Hand sanitizers and shoe covers right at the door.

You can also install an Arogya Setu App or ask your customers to fill out a form. They will be their symptoms and travel history in the form.

Tip: Create or download a mandatory parlour-safety dos & don’ts and keep it at a visible place for everyone to know.

The safer the better!


  1. Providing PPE Kit to your team for extra safety

Since parlours and spas involve high contact risk with the customer, you need your staffs to don PPE kits. At least they should wear face masks or face shields, gloves and shoe covers to ensure maximum safety. You should also encourage your customers to wear face masks and use sanitizer.

Additionally, the client and the staff may be separated with Plexiglas to ensure the safety of both of them.

  • Tip: It’s advisable that you conduct a small training session for your employees before you start. This should include- Increased hand washing and hygiene practices.


  1. Frequent cleaning of the surface

Chair, equipment & whatever else is used need to be washed or sanitized right after every customer gets up. The staff member who is working with the customer should wash or sanitize her hands immediately. They should also discard the disposable gloves and wear fresh ones before serving to the next customer. You should also ask your customers to discard their shoe covers in the bin.

And what’s best? When you are not serving the customer, keep a six-foot distance.


  1. Saying no to overbooking

As you are advised to work on a rotational basis, there will be a bandwidth crunch. Apart from strictly following the pre-booking rule, make sure you don’t take too many customers at the same time. Make sure that there are limited customers inside the salons. You need to ensure social distancing and avoid crowding in the waiting area.

  • Tip: In case, you have to make someone wait, waiting in the car or outside the salon is advisable. Also, don’t allow food or drink to be consumed by customers – except for water.


So, these are the few basic rules set by the experts.

And we’re sure that you too are going above and beyond these guidelines to ensure the safety.

But how to let your customers know about it? How do you get them coming back without any doubt?

Social media is the answer.

People are now active on social media more than ever. So take advantage of that and communicate with them about your post-lockdown safety measure.

Not sure how to do that?

No worries, this blog will give you the best ever tips to rise and shine again!

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And if you’re still not sure, get in touch with GetX for help.

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