Your website is ready, the Products is ready, but what you have to say needs to be heard by your audience! Communication strategy encompasses a combination of free media platforms like social media, earned media like Digital PR and paid platforms like ad campaigns, in order to create a complete marketing effort that yields results by being visible to your target audience at all times.

Communicate Services

Considering delivery types and skills required, we work with 4 vehicles to attain efficiency & excellance.

Social Media Management

Withover more than 1 billion active users, social media is a great platform to market your brand. Build presence and loyalty among your audiences by building a relationship with them through social media till the time they are ready to buy.

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Search Engine & Content Marketing

How customers want to experience your brand is dependent on a number of factors encompassing your approach and your target audience behaviour. With knowledge of the latter, we format an approach that works best with them.

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Digital Ads (Facebook & Google)

Get the best ROI for your digital marketing investment by running marketing campaigns on the right audience, targeted accurately to deliver ready customers to your doorstep!

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e-Messaging & Digital Listing

e-Messaging is direct communication mode of digital marketing. You can push your brand via e-mails, whatsApp, sms etc. to catch the eye balls of your clients.

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The GetX Promise

There are hundreds of vendors you deal with, who may promise you a thousand things. Wondering how we’re different?